• Fluctuation Train

    Fluctuaction train is a new type of amusement park rides for kids,which drives on the interchange track.

  • Wacky Worm Coaster

    Wacky worm coaster is worm themed amusement equipment. The worm runs along two spiral paths.

  • Mini roller coaster

    "Mini roller coaster" is a new type of entertainment device which drives on the interchange track. It consists of 12 beautiful-shaped, composition of different styles, mighty fleet of sports cars.

  • Crazy Mouse Roller Coaster

    Crazy mouse roller coaster is designed by the main body of the mouse, the mouse are sliding with the spiral track up and down, the whole rides fill with laughter and screaming.

  • Shark Island Battle

    This Shark Island battle is very interesting because people could interactive with it. Just play and enjoy it!

  • Amphibious tanks

    The amphibious tanks is new products this year, it is fun, children and adults can play in winter, summer, there are two gun, a laser gun and a water gun.

  • Sliding Dragon Coaster

    Sliding Dragon Coaster is a small gravity coaster with a nice track design.

  • Fish Ride

    Fish ride is very popular among children and teenagers, which is a kind of rotary type amusement equipment.

  • shark island

    Shark Island is newly designed rotary amusement equipment. Its capacity is 24 Passengers can use the water gun to shoot the target. When the target is shot,the animal will make kinds of funny moves, such as hands up, spraying water, shaking body etc.

  • joy spray ball car

    Joy spray ball car is new designed children happy rides, kiddies and parents can play together. Good quality and safe guaranteed that is we assure. Working with beautiful music, and moving with jumping balls aside. It’s really popular at theme park, shopp