• Thunder beat 01

    Thunder beat amusement rides is a new kind of amusement equipment exempted from inspection.

  • 5-air-race-8-4-fantasilandia-01

    The air race rides belongs to new advanced thrill rides. It is very very exciting. Air Race can takes riders on an amazing journey which replicates the experiences and sensations.....

  • 0178-AirForce08

    The Air Force features a compact footprint, 26 meters length by 20 meters width, and the maximum track height of 5.8 meters. Each airplane can accommodate 4 children or 2 children and 1 adult,

  • Kite flyer

    The Kite Flyer is also called flying kite ride, it is a family spinning ride with modern design ideas. According to the manufacturer Sanqgroup, this attraction "lets riders experience the sensation of free flight with a wave-like oscillating motion".

  • Theme Park Rides Fly Ufo

    The flying UFO also known as flying disc is newly developed by our company. There are 16 seats on the big turntable. When the turntable spins and glides along t

  • Amusement Equipment

    Pirate ship is the horizontal axis reciprocating swing amusement equipment. It is exciting and entertaining. With the slow swing back and forth, passengers will immerse themselves among waves of the sea.

  • Ferris Wheel

    Ferris wheel body are composed by two big wheel ,which are placed in cololum bracket, looking from a distance , it looks like colorful huge wheel .The cabinets are installed on the verge.

  • Gyro Swing

    Swing Big Pendulum is a kind of large-scale amusement facility with two motion types-- down transmission and upper transmission. Its movement is caused by pendulum.

  • Disco Tagada Rides

    Disco tagada is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP in short) and equipped with gorgeous lighting, marvelous music, non-fading and durable painting and other advanced electrical accessories.

  • Crazy jumping car

    Crazy jumping car thrilling rides will be make you forget to home, do you know why? Because of novel design, unique structure, beautiful shape will be attracted your eyeballs, and the crazy car look like waving to you makes you want to have a try.

  • Rotation frog rides

    Amusement park rotation frog rides is also a new design of the entertainment bounce rides, it is welcomed in all the amusement parks, theme parks, even some squares etc. With vivid frog appearance and beautiful colors, it is very attractive for both kids

  • Flying carpet rides

    Flying carpet rides is a large amusement equipment rides, it is designed with high quality material fiber reinforced plastic and GB steel, which is firm and comfortable, also environment friendly.

  • Rotary octopus rides

    Rotary octopus rides, an attractive amusement rides for both beautiful image and interesting working ways. It has five strong support arms made of high quality GB Steel material, to take passengers cockpits under the bottom, three or four cockpits connect

  • Hyun dance

    Hyun dance is our factory R & D of new products, reflecting the young people’s personality of the 21st century to pursuit of youth and dynamic.

  • Double Flying Chair

    Flying Suspender ride is one of most thrilling and exciting games in carnivals or amusement parks. Main deco are made of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP), equipped with gorgeous lighting, great music, Non-fading and durable painting and other advanc

  • Space Ring

    Space ring is a kind of special equipment, training pilots and astronauts specially modified evolution of amusement equipment for now.

  • Jump Frog Rides

    Jump Frog Rides is one of the most popular medium rides in amusement parks, funfairs both indoors and outdoors. It's a mini version of Sky Tower ride, especially for kiddies’ playing.

  • Ferris Ring Car

    Ferris Ring Car is a new amusement equipment which is popular adults and young people. Ferris Ring Care simulates astronaut training equipment. It rotating in 360 degree when the game start. It's a good exercise games

  • jumping kangaroo

    Jumping Kangaroo is very interesting. After moving the kangaroo will rotary and jumping with the music. When you join it you will up and down with the kangaroo as well as rotation with the kangaroo.

  • amusement jumping machine

    Amusement jumping machine adopt to the most advanced PLC display technology, combine high-speed rotation with high-frequency jumping together, and brings playe

  • Amusement Flying Chair

    Flying chairs also called Swing Rides, Giant Stride or Giant Slide. It is one of the most classic and popular amusement item all over world thanks to its simple but attractive movement. Just seating on the chairs and you can sense flying around the rid.