• Break dance rides

    Crazy dance amusement ride is the new design amusement equipment produced by our factory. It belongs to thrilling amusement equipment.

  • Mini flying car rides

    Mini flying car is a popular amusement rides,which deeply loved by kids. Mini flying car is similar to UFO, it has 9m length track, and there is one car (or disc with wheels) running on the track.

  • Flying Chair rides

    The amusement park swing ride is one kind of very popular used amusement rides, and many kids and adults like it very much. After turn the switch of swing ride the passengers will rotary with the chair rides in sky, also many kinds of wonderful music to

  • Ferris ring car

    Ferris Ring Car is the Amusement Equipment Which Springs from Simulation Facilities to Train Pilots and Astronomers. Passengers can Causally Turn 360 Degree Slowly or Quickly. With Special Structure, the Ferris Ring Car can Let the Passengers Share th

  • Mechanical bull rides

    Mechanical bull for sale also known! It spins, it moves in all directions so try to stay on, but if you fall off it has an inflatable area all around the bull for a safe landing. The mechanical bull only comes out to you with an experienced operator.

  • Crazy dance rides

    This rides break dance rides is kind of big rotary thrill rides. It is the combination of flying disc rides and energy storm rides. Its rotary as fast as flying disc and its thrilling as high as energy storm. And its cost are lower than the two rides. B

  • Jumping machine rides

    Jumping Machine is a Medium Scaled Amusement Rides, Which is Adopted in Amusement Park, Theme Park, etc. With the Up and Down Jumping Cockpits, the Passengers can Enjoy Very Exciting Entertainment. With Grand Shape, the Jumping Machine is the Most Impo

  • Disco Tagada

    This ride is called samba in Brazil, disco turntable in China, is more and more popular; it's widely used in theme park, playground, park etc. Passengers will be shocked by rises and landing, feeling like through the sea waves, turbulence ups and downs

  • Space travel rides

    Space Travel: the Passengers will Move With the Large Arm Rotation, Just Like Travel in Space, So We Call the Rides Space Travel. Space Travel is a Large Scaled Amusement Rides, the Passengers can Enjoy the Elegant Movements by the Ride The Passen

  • Speed windmill rides

    Speed Windmill is a Large Scaled Amusement Rides, and It is the Landmark of the Amusement Park with Ferris Wheel. Speed Windmill is Famous for the Extremely Fast Speed. The Passenger will Enjoy Absolutely Fast Speed Exciting Speed Experience. Speed Win

  • Energy storm rides

    Energy Storm Can Run 360 Degree, and Can Make Passengers Crazy, Excited and Shudder. It is the Most Important Part of the Amusement Park. The Energy Storm Looks Like a Warrior Full of Strength, With Several Big Clenched Fists. And the Passengers Will Sh

  • flying ufo

    With Turntable Spins and the Curved Track, Flying UFO Runs with Colorful LED Lights and Cheerful Music. In fact, the Flying UFO is New Style of Roller Coaster, Which can Make the Passengers Share Even Better Entertainment. We can Supply Customized Flyi