• Lolly swing ride

    The Swing Ride is a unique family swing ride that features double bucket seats that allow two people to ride next to each other. As the candy themed ride begins to rotate, it raises in the air and osculates with a tilting motion!

  • Rotary octopus rides

    Flying Disco Octopus Ride also named octopus dance, octopus dancing is composed of the top, capsule, tray eight claw octopus, overall modelling is novel, unique design. Its movement principle is caused by the rotation motor, when the amusement machine whi

  • Big Octopus Rides

    Rotary octopus is a rotary type amusement rides, looks like an octopus, a dragon, ups and downs, at any time, each seat can sit double, sit after a wave of joy and Huan, like a dragon flying in the air, the rotation speed can be fast or slow, can be adju

  • Samba balloon ride

    Samba Balloon is the most popular new play equipment, it's to be made of mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic and electrical system components, it is a moving balloon class playing equipment, rotating around the center of vertical axis and lifting freel

  • Self control plane

    Normally the self-controlled rotary plane rides is themed in purple color with red and blue colors assortments; with gorgeous lighting, great music, nonfading and durable paiting and other advanced electrical accessories.

  • Rotary bee rides

    Rotary bee plane ride , there have more than one thousand LED lights, make it most attraction and shinning on the night, it's a kind of amusement that most popular in children, there's interesting music and flying like a cradle makes children happy, bri

  • Kangaroo jump rides

    Happy Kangaroo jumping is a kind of Jumping machine with advanced bounce technology.And it is convenient to install and transport without making any foundation. This amusement equipment is greatly appreciated by children and adults.

  • Modem times rides

    Modern time amusement ride is equipped with stylish FRP carriages of Industrial Revolution, model of distinguished Charlie Chaplin, cockscomb gears etc. As a spectacular family ride, Modern Time amusement ride is a good choice for your parks or carnivals.

  • Coffee cup rides

    The outdoor playground coffee cup is the newest type of amusement park rides.There are two main parts: the chassis and the coffee cup.When it works, the chassis rotate and the coffee cup rotates in the opposite direction at the same time.