• Magic Hat Carousel

    Magic hat carousel was designed with the new technology design of the products provided by 5 D visual effect, as it were, the product combined with the famous movie "harry potter" elements, equipment as a whole giant wizard hat, equipped the central dis

  • Double-deck carousel

    Deluxe double carousel is one of the indispensable classic amusement equipment in the amusement park, up and down double independent control structure. Lower clockwise rotation, the upper counterclockwise rotation

  • 24 seats carousel

    Luxury Carousel Amusement equipment is attractive in appearance and novel in color, it is very welcomed and loved by market and children, young people. It is widely used in playground, square, park, kindergarten, playground, funfair, building area, shoppi

  • 16 seats carousel

    Merry go round is welcomed by people at all ages in amusement park, kindergarden, theme park, squares, shopping malls,etc. It is designed into various lovely cartoon horses images, dreamy lollipop images and delicious cake images etc. When merry go round

  • 6 seats carousel

    Mini carousel modeling is sample, there is a pillar in the center, 6 pcs little horses around it, flash lights are installed, various patterns decoration, lifelike palace cornices, lively pretty horses, stainless steel support, when these classical compon