Kamikaze rides

  • Name: Kamikaze Ride
  • Capacity: 24 p
  • Height: 10 m
  • Power: 32 KW
  • Voltage: 380 v
  • Cover Area: 10*15 m

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Kamikaze rides
  • Kamikaze rides
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  • kamikaze ranger
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■ Specifications
Amusement park kamikaze ride is not only has excellent performance, easy operation and reliable, but also attract many new and beautiful styling tourists.The kamikaze ride consists of a single stationary tower, supporting two gondolas on rotating arms. Passengers are arranged in rows of two, with the first four rows facing in one direction, and the other four facing opposite. The equipment widely use in amusement park, funfair,outdoor playground, theme park, shopping mall, garden, backyard,tourist attraction and so on, so it is an excellent choice for investment.
■ Technical Data
Name Kamikaze Ride
Capacity 24 p
Height 10 m
Power 32 KW
Voltage 380 v
Cover Area 10*15 m
Working Height 13 m
Speed 8 rpm/min (adjustable)
■ Manufacturing Process

■ Package & Delivery

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