• Crazy circus Rides 01

    “Crazy Circus Rides” is a large rolling amusement equipment latest researched and developed by our company. When “L” large tumbler of such machine rotates the horizontal axis of tumbler to carry out large revolution.....

  • Miami ride

    Miami ride is a reciprocating rotating medium-sized amusement park equipment which is widely used in large amusement parks, funfairs and outdoor playgrounds.

  • ballerina-2-karuzela

    Hully Gully rides is a large-scale amusement equipment which runs very fast and is very thrilling. Visitors take a seat at a high speed rotating and swings repeatedly, can fully experience the thrilling and exciting.

  • KAMIKAZE (1)

    Amusement park kamikaze ride is not only has excellent performance, easy operation and reliable, but also attract many new and beautiful styling tourists.The kamikaze ride consists of a single stationary tower, supporting two gondolas on rotating arms.

  • Fighting Caribbean Pirates III

    According to the development trend of amusement industry at home and abroad and combine with the current market needs, our company independently research and developed this water shooting game, which integrate scene, sound, light and electric as a whole s

  • Amusement equipment Giraffe Flying Chair rides

    Giraffe Flying Chair is our new design amusement equipment which is made up of 10 giraffes as main body,several beauty,lovely and safety chairs hanging under the giraffes.

  • kids ferris wheel

    Kids Ferris wheel has 12 cabins 16 cabins are available in two sizes with double sides, design more scientific, more Capacity, the foundation requirements are much smaller, as long as the rides hit the high intensity expansion screws, or make a concrete f

  • Kids Excavator

    Our kids excavator is simulation of electro-hydraulic excavator, operation style and function like really engineering excavator, have digging depth and rotation easily.

  • Mechanical bull

    Mechanical bull is a new popular kiddie rides, the whole bull is made of fiber reinforce plastic, the base bottom is made of standard steel, when the bull working, they are not just rotation, also going up and down, more interesting for rider.

  • Mini Ferris Wheel

    The kids ferris wheel is very modern and popular rides in amusement park and playgrounds. Passengers can ride on the modern-shaped, luxuriously decorated, and reliable safe device.

  • Kids Tower Crane

    This kind of kids tower crane has simple operation, reliable quality feature. the product is suitable for indoor and outdoor playground, park, kindergarten, science and technology museum, exhibition, square and other public leisure place

  • Kids Bulldozer

    Our kids bulldozer can push all kinds of sand, balls, but don’t need too big humidity sand, in case electrical short circuit and crawler fracture, so choose the dry sand instead wet, sand thickness is around 2 cm.

  • Kids Truck Crane

    Kids truck crane is an electric amusement equipment, by ball pool, console, rotating platform, one-piece seats, turf, telescopic boom, wire, mechanical paw

  • Mini pirate ship

    Mini pirate ship is made of high quality material fiber reinforce glass and steel, with strong support arms, it can give passengers a safety and interesting trip.

  • Blue Star

    The journey of Pandora's character is choose from the role in the movie, also the style of cockpit. They all imitate the plan in it. This style is modern and attractive. Besides, the machine could rotating and lifting up and down when it running.

  • Gulf Aden Piracy Battle

    This large scene children game is based on the Gulf Aden piracy battle of 19th century. Amusement Park New Rides-Gulf Aden Piracy Battle for Children. There have two guns that could shoot colorful fog to the center main scene when children playing games.

  • Guo Guo Drift

    Guo guo drift has its own water way to make itself like the small real drift. All the model of the equips have infrared sensors on it. Children could put the buttons to turn on the switch and see the scene when playing on the boat.

  • battery UFO bumper car rides

    There are two small spanners on the seats sides to control the UFO bumper car, passengers operate the spanner to control the UFO bumper car go straight, go back also go turns, very easy. Passengers also can control it to bumper others, interesting and exc

  • Happy car rides

    This happy car uses the dual-motor electric controllers, handle joystick operated can be traveling around, and 360 degree rotation technical performance, accompany with music, lights and other devices. 8-10 hours of charging, more than eight hours of cont

  • ladybug paradise rides

    The ladybug paradise is one of the most popular amusement rides. It is a kind of rotary amusement rides designed for kids.

  • big eyes plane kiddie rides

    Big eyes plane is very interesting amusement rides. After moving the plane will rotary and rising with the music.When you join it you will up and down with the mini plane.

  • Dream UFO kiddie rides

    Dream UFO is widely used for amusement parks, outdoor, playgrounds, plazas, public gardens, due to its high quality, steady fixing as well as its scientific control system.

  • inflatable castle

    Our inflatable castle is suitable for Child Games due to its high flexibility. Among other entertainment facilities, the inflatable castle is the only one that can be fixed up without any hard object and prevents the children from injury.

  • motor racing

    Motor racing is a type of amusement ride in the shape of a motor. Five to eight arms ttached to a central axis spin and move along the ground, while motors at the end of the arms spin on rotary bolts. Each motor ride has the arms attached the middle of th