Virtual Reality 9D Cinema

  • Item: Virtual Reality 9D cinema
  • Passenger: 1/2 Persons
  • Size: L2.2M*W1.1M*H1.85M & L1.1* W1.1* H2m
  • Power: 4KW & 2KW
  • Area: L2.4*W2m & L2*W2m
  • Weight: 1000kg & 400kg

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AMUSEMENT Virtual Reality 9D cinema
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■ Specifications

Virtual Reality 9D cinema, also called VR, translated as spiritual environment, fantastic reality. It is a high-tech in recent years, also known as spiritual environment or artificial environment. Virtual reality 9D cinema is by use of the virtual world of computer simulation to produce a three-dimensional space, to provide users about visual, auditory, tactile and other sensory simulation, with immersive feeling, they can observe the three-dimensional things without any restrictions.

■ Technical Data
Item Virtual Reality 9D cinema
Seats 2 seats 1 seats
Size L2.2M*W1.1M*H1.85M L1.1* W1.1* H2m
Total Power 4KW 2KW
Voltage 220V 220V
Space Area L2.4*W2m L2*W2m
Rotating Degree Front and back degree: 5degrees, Left and right degree: 16 degrees
Rotating Speed Front and back rotating speed: 25 degrees/s 
Left and right rotating speed: 25degrees/s
Net Weight 1000kg 400kg
Loading Weight 1030kg 420kg
Packing size L2.24 *W1.17* H1.92 L1.2*W1.2*H1.95M
■ Manufacturing Process
■ Package & Delivery
Virtual Reality 9D Cinema
Virtual Reality 9D Cinema rides
■ Customer Case
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