flying tower

  • Name: Flying Tower rides
  • Model: TX-11
  • Passengers: 36 persons
  • Cabin: 13
  • Voltage: 380v
  • Power: 40kw

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■ Specifications
Flying Tower rides, also called Sky flyer, sky tower rides, is a large amusement rides with a total height of 52 meters. There are 18 cantilevers stretching out from the middle runner, which can fit 36 visitors in twin bench-type seats. All seats will rise and rotate slowly along with the runner, from slow speed to fast speed. The rotating and rising speed will become faster and faster after passengers’ feet leaving the ground. 30 seconds later, passengers will drift away in the midair. In this way, passengers will fly at the speed of 50 km/h at 40-meter height. After a while, it will go down with a slower and slower rotating speed until passengers returning to the ground. Passengers can fully enjoy the happiness by the high-speed flight and have a good view of surrounding scenery.
■ Technical Data
Area with fence 15m
Device Height 15m
Operating Height 15m

■ Manufacturing Process
flying tower
■ Package & Delivery

■ Customer Case

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