• pirate ship carousel (2)

    Rotating pirate ship carousel is a famous and popular game machine applying for indoor space,no matter kids or adults can enjoy it,when it is operated,it will rotate and lift,beautiful light...

  • Mini Ferris Wheel 01

    The equipment rotating in 360 degree around the horizontal axis in the circular orbit for vertical movement.

  • Beston-Kids-Lolli-Swing-Ride-for-sale-Item-BNSR-10

    he Lolli Swing Ride is a unique family swing ride that features double bucket seats that allow two people to ride next to each other. As the candy....

  • Water Magic Forest 01

    he Water Magic Forest is a new type of floating children project. on the basis of Guo Guo Drift to research and development of a new amusement facilities. Tourists take ...

  • Modern time rides 01

    Sinorides Modern time amusement ride is equipped with stylish FRP carriages of Industrial Revolution, model of distinguished Charlie Chaplin, cockscomb gears etc.

  • 3-Fair-Final-Day-SR05

    The object, beyond time and space, thread, very dizzy, thrilling stimulation; Techno power rides is excellent innovative design, so it is popular.


    The appearance of the crazy bus amusement equipment is in the form of buses, there is a background operation is 360 degrees rotation...

  • VR cinema 01

    Funny games amusement park equipment 9d egg vr cinema 9D VR Cinema is unique successful commercial VR product.

  • Tank wars 01

    Our SANQ GROUP new designed Helicopter Tank War Rides is loved by children and teenagers, and it is really an attraction!

  • flying tower (3)

    Flying Tower rides, also called Sky flyer, sky tower rides, is a large amusement rides with a total height of 52 meters. There are 18 cantilevers stretching out from the middle runner, which can fit 36 visitors in twin bench-type seats.

  • New Style Break Dance Rides (1)

    This rides break dance rides is kind of big rotary thrill rides. It is the combination of flying disc rides and energy storm rides. Its rotary as fast as flying disc and its thrilling as high as energy storm.

  • Thrilling-ocean-animal-rides-flying-disco-octopus(3)

    Flying Disco Octopus Ride also named octopus dance, octopus dancing is composed of the top, capsule, tray eight claw octopus, overall modelling is novel, unique design.

  • Crazy dance machine

    Crazy dance amusement ride is the new design amusement equipment produced by our factory. It belongs to thrilling amusement equipment. Crazy dance amusement ride is designed based

  • Surf's Up Ride

    Surf's Up Ride also called surfing ride. It’s a giant painted surfboard that spins around and around, while riders stand up and “surf” the swells of the track.With 20 passengers per cycle and the unique interactivity of standing up.

  • Aerial shooting rides

    Our Aerial shooting rides has dynamic appearance, meanwhile accompany with colorful LED lights, when they operation at night, dazzling, beautiful and bright, kids and adults rides can be experience flying feeling on the seats, and obtain unmatched happy.

  • Energy claw rides

    Each energy claw rides arm can be collocated different cockpit according to clients requirement, and each cockpit can be capacity 2 persons, each cockpit set up safe-lever and safety belt to avoid people escape from the seats, and when its rotation, these

  • Flying Tiger Rides manufacturer

    Flying tiger is a new type of aerial amusement equipment that development from SANQGROUP factory, can set up indoor and outdoor, make the persons fell in a wonderful space during changeable rotation.

  • electric trackless train

    the electric trackless train also fits for adults people as a leisure equipment. You can have a rest themselves, they are mostly used in shopping mall, amusement park, theme park, carnival, outdoor playground, square etc.

  • amusement Top spin rides

    Our top spin rides can accommodate 20 people, circular motion around the horizontal axis, the cockpit inertial rotation of large-scale amusement equipment, after tourists sit on the seats, the rides begin to working, people with the large arm rotation lik

  • Small pendulum rides

    This small pendulum rides main support is arm, hanging device and electrical system components, the pendulum main parts of truss structure using the pendulum, shelf of pendulum is FRP ( Fiber reinforce and plastic ), pendulum with seats and double securin

  • Sky Drop Rides

    The Sky drop rides appearance is a tall cylinder with a row of seats, the cockpit climb follow the track around cylinder. cockpit design according to the passenger need, comfortable and safe, the Safety measures included safety lever and safety belt and

  • Speed windmill rides

    When the night coming, each light is shining colorful with its own story, the visitor with better vision, Explore the colorful life trajectory, interpretation of the infinite mystery of life. Our Speed windmill rides excellence in innovative design, more

  • animal kids bumper car

    Our new style bumper cars manufacture according to they child psychological needs, there are a variety of different animal shape, like panda, cat, monkey, tiger etc,and the dimensions is 850*750*750 mm. The bumper cars have two handles to control cars fo

  • Virtual Reality 9D cinema

    Virtual reality 9D cinema is by use of the virtual world of computer simulation to produce a three-dimensional space, to provide users about visual, auditory, tactile and other sensory simulation, with immersive feeling.

  • inflatable bouncer

    This game can be developed children intellectual, exercise kids hands-on brain coordination capacity through turn, roll, swing, shake, jump, enter a hole etc. Inflatable bouncer Simple management, move easily, repair conveniently and have a small package

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