samba tower rides

  • Name: Samba Tower
  • Foot Print : 8.76 m
  • Height: 12 m
  • Number Seats : 32
  • THC : 600/800 pph
  • Min Passenger Height: 105 cm

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■ Specifications

The Samba Tower belongs to the balloon ride, your family can ride in the cockpits as it rotates upwards, reaching heights of 30 feet.  you can also control the spinning of the basket by yourself. The Samba Tower is one of the most popular rides . People of all ages can enjoy the Samba Tower. The Samba Tower also gives you a bird’s-eye view of the park and of the fantastic scenery

Come to enjoy the Samba Tower, and come to enjoy a great entertainment.

■ Technical Data

■ Manufacturing Process

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