• flying amusement rides (1)

    he rotary rides flying saucer amusement ride is a type of amusement ride in the shape of an flying saucer,this rides has 6arms, 8 arms,10 arms or customized as customer request......

  • Crazy Music Rides 01

    The Crazy Music Rides is the latest development of amusement equipment, cockpits along the axis of ....

  • Speed Way Ride

    It is beautiful appearance and decorated with shiny light. You can experience the funny rotary by taking the speed way rides.

  • samba tower rides

    The Samba Tower is one of the most popular rides . People of all ages can enjoy the Samba Tower. The Samba Tower also gives you a bird’s-eye view of the park and of the fantastic scenery.

  • Super swing rides (2)

    Super swing rides are designed for children and adults,it can be placed in playground and parks.

  • Battery Bumper Car

    Bumper car is one kind of recreational facility which is self-controlled.

  • rotating coffee cup

    Rotating coffee cup is a kind of orbits amusement equipment, when the coffee cup happy rotation on the grail, the big pot also dancing in the middle, both exquisite design and various l colors gives you a refreshing sentiment.

  • Mini flying car

    Mimi flying car is a new designed type of amusement equipment. This appearance like a real car, can be painted to different colors, when you seat in the working car like running on the road, meantime add the rotation, more carzy and funny, suitable chil

  • self control plane

    The self control plane is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics, it is very firm and durable, the passengers seat in it can not only spin, but also fly up and down when the rides work.

  • Floor Powered Bumper Car

    Floor powered bumper car working by control cabinet, special floor and motor(inside of car). a. 380 V supply power make the control cabinet working. b. After transformer (in cabinet) change to 48 V power through the electric cable transmit elec

  • Vantage master

    Vantage master game is a kind of rotating and lifting family rides. It has the same running theory with that game Samba balloon rides. The whole rides could composed of 6 arms or 8 arms. Each arm has one cockpit hanging on it.

  • Tilt Whirl Rides

    Parents with children could sit inside of penguin and feel the rotating on the Tilt Whirl Rides. The feeling is like you are surfing on the sea with the big penguin. Family could get closer when they having fun.

  • Crazy Magic Car

    Crazy magic car is a new type family rides in amusement park rides. Customers sit in car style cockpits rotating with car and the big plate. Big plate rotating as well as car rotating. It rotate interactively. Exciting and thrilling.

  • New Rides Magical gyroscope

    New rides magic gyroscope is a type of new designed amusement family rides of our company. It's a kind of thrill rides, which is very interesting and attractive for children rides in amusement park rides.

  • rotary bees rides

    The interesting rotary bees device is a kind of controlled aircraft amusement equipment

  • kids flying dragon ride

    flying dragon ride is a new kind of amusement ride

  • jellyfish ride

    Jellyfish ride is a kind amusement equipment full of romantic, fantasy.After our improvement, it is characterized with charming color, distinct modeling, enjoyable and safe, making visitor feel flying in the space, full of happiness.

  • samba balloon

    The samba balloon is one kind of new designed amusement park equipment.

  • Moon coaster

    The amusement equipment swing ride moon car is made up of several parts, including small moon car which is made of Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP), high quality steel attachment bracket, and engine parts.

  • fly elephant

    Fly Elephant is a amusement projects, appearance is cartoon dumbo and lovely, is popular with children'. like hanging in mid-air, passengers sit on the back of Fly elephant, wheel rotate with music like flying. Appearance is novel, the color is gorgeou