Ant Paradise Carousel

  • Item: Ant Paradise Carousel
  • Seats: 12 seats
  • Area: 5 m diameter
  • Height: 2.7 m
  • Power: 1 Kw
  • Cabinet: With control switch, transducer, indicator light, music button, etc

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■ Specifications

Different color ants rotation on the round disc, the ant have two big eyes, kids sit on his body, the design is very comfortable for hands hold on its lovely tentacles. On the top of cornices with different smile face, the eye shooting LED colorful shine, so worm and kind. White color fiber reinforce plastic surport stand in the center, make whole equipment look simple but luxurious. The last special design is the bottom, with green color accompany red, blue and white color, just like the green lawn, so that the whole rides look more coordinated, naturally, vivid, more like a group of ants walking happily on the lawn, this is called Ant paradise carousel.

■ Technical Data
Item Ant Paradise Carousel
Seats 12 seats
Diameter 4 M
Height 2.7 M
Horse Rising Height 12 CM
Rotating Speed 3-7 R/M (adjustable by control cabinet)
Voltage 380 V
Power 1 KW
LED bulb 60-120 pcs (addable by client demand)
Music USB port on control cabinet
Color Can be made according to request
Cabinet with control switch, transducer, indicator light, music button, etc
■ Manufacturing Process
■ Package & Delivery
■ Customer Case
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